Elliott's Studio

Serving Atlanta and the South Since 1927

My Passion
   I have a real passion for the beauty of God’s creation.  I recognize all beauty as a sort of “divine art” and am awed by it.  It is all around us, whether in places or people, and it passes us by unnoticed because of the business of life.
    Through the portrait process, I help people step back and appreciate the beauty of their loved ones from a place which is not overwhelmed by the details of the weeks activities.
    I particularly enjoy photographing children and am personally challenged by each one to learn how to connect with them and bring out the unique personality that is theirs.
    My hope is that the work I do becomes an important part of each family’s story and remembrances.
Our History
For over eight decades, Atlanta has trusted Elliott’s to provide fine quality portraiture.  This tradition began in 1927 on Peachtree Street with Chester and Maude Elliott who quickly earned a reputation for quality that is still remembered today.
    The legacy continued with their nephew, Dale Roberts who served the community for 26 years.  In 1984 Michael and Marsha Riggs joined the family so to speak and have continued to uphold the Elliott’s name and reputation.
    Mike, a graduate of Georgia Tech, earned the standing of Certified Professional Photographer from the Professional Photographers of America and is a past President of the Georgia Professional Photographers Association.