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Today Lily came to see me and we had fun all around the yard. Lily has lots of personality and so many different looks. She has a wonderful pouty look which her dad will probably love. These are a few of my favorites from the sitting but it is hard to choose because there were so many that were good.


Paschal and Sis

I had the opportunity to photograph the grandson and granddaughter of one of my best friends and mentor. My friend passed away several years ago and now his grandson is attending UGA. Where does the time go. It was a hoot to work with both of them, I really enjoyed it even though Anna Catherine was a little impish, she made up for that with her cuteness factor.


Maggie performs as expected!

After a bit of shy reserved playing around Maggie turned on the charm and had a lot of fun. There are more expressions than can be shown in a short video. I really don’t know which of the four children I like photographing the best.